Brand strategy

Connect with your audience

Creating a brand strategy for your business gives you a plan to build desire and connect with your audience effectively.

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Create your own strategy now

The DIY brand strategy course has been created to guide you through creating and activating a brand strategy with a reduced cost.

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Learn brand strategy

Want to learn how to create strategies?

Learning how to create and run brand strategy workshops with clients helps you deliver better outcomes in your projects, it gets everyone on the same page at the start of the project.

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The benefits of brand strategy


Being different from your competition creates more sales opportunities for company.


Having consistent language and visuals lets each and everyone in your audience know exactly who you are.


Being consistent builds up trust for your company and your products which creates longer lasting loyalty.


Having and implementing a strategy will give your brand a greater presence because of these other benefits.


Build up your internal and external culture so that everyone knows where they stand and what the brand stands for.


Making your communication easier because you will never not know what to say, it's all there for you.

My story so far

I have come a long way and picked up many skills on my journey to becoming a brand and content strategist.

I started life as a designer developing 'pretty' things. But soon realised, that just isn't cutting it. The brands I designed were great but they didn't mean anything, they didn't resonate with the audience as well as they could do. They were empty.

So I started developing my process to bring in my clients meaning into the logo and started creating more and more meaningful brandmarks, but then I realised that didn't really help the client.

Because they didn't understand what their brand is. They didn't know how to connect with their audience.

That's how I came to officially developing my own brand strategy process. Built on creative thinking and problem solving as well as a need to bridge the gap between brands and customers.

Now I can help clients develop real connections with their customers... and make them look great while doing it.

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Latest knowledge drops

It's dangerous to go alone take this!

In this guide you will find all my deepest and darkest secrets to help you on your brand quest.

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Brand strategy consultation

I run workshops that develop your brand strategy and help you implement it effectively into your organisation.

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DIY brand strategy

A course that is accessible for any brands. It is a guided series of videos where I walk you through the brand strategy process, allowing you to go at your own pace.

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Learn brand strategy

If you want to get into the world of brand strategy, this is the course for you. I share all of my tips, tricks and workshops to teach you how to bring brand strategy into your toolkit.

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"Really impressed and very happy with the work and relationship. We look forward to working with Steven in the future and to strengthen our partnership."

"I have worked closely with TwoGuys Creative for the last year on a number of client projects - including several global projects. At all times, Steve has delighted our clients (and me in the process) - producing work to an exceptional standard. On several occasions, this has meant turning projects around very quickly and under stressful conditions - something I have very much appreciated.  Can not recommend TwoGuys highly enough - for their service, quality output, creativity and professionalism."

"Steven has been incredibly helpful for me whilst setting up my bridal studio. They have created a fantastic brand and website that truly represents me. They were super helpful through the whole process and I was included in every decision."

"Every time I see your work I just think... ‘Wowzer’. You’re seriously good at what you do! Love it. And here’s me thinking I couldn’t be more excited than I was with our other project – but this?! Great job!"

"Not only have you provided me with a website and logo that both look slick, professional and in-keeping with my brand; but have also given first-class customer service and guided me through all the technical issues that I otherwise find impossible to get my head around."